What are polyamines?

All living organisms contain polyamines, small molecules with amino (NH2) groups in their chemical structure which are essential for cell integrity and participate in development and stress responses. In plants, these compounds are necessary to cope with cold stress, salinity, drought, UV radiation, pathogen diseases,…  but also participate in plant development  such as stem elongation, flowering, cell specification,… In the recent years some of their molecular mechanisms have been revealed. We have recently published a review about The roles of polyamines during the lifespan of plants. Happy reading!!


Act, react, impact.

Certainly an appropriate slogan for EU elections in May which can be applied to sciences as well.  Scientists act to test a hypothesis, react to correct their mistakes when the experimental data argues against the hypothesis, and their results have soon or later an impact into the society. We believe that we must add a 4th step after impact: tell that.

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